MR&S Company Profile

From studio services to a full service institute

Back at MR&S in June 2017

Since June 1 Antje Schaffranietz sup­ports Pe­tra and Sask­ia again with or­ga­niz­ing, con­duct­ing and an­a­lyz­ing qualitative re­search stud­ies.

Maternity leave starting February  2016

Antje Schaffranietz will be on a one year maternity leave starting February 2016.

20 year anniversary

In 2015, MR&S is proud to announce 20 years in qualitative market research.

Team expansion in 2014

Saskia Billhardt completed the MR&S team in April 2014. As a Research Executive her responsibilities include qualitative offline and online research.

Expansion in the
management in 2011

In August 2011 Petra Kemmerzell was assigned to the Management Board. The development of the qualitative research within MR&S remains her main focus.

Re-launch of Website
in 2010

In February 2010, the MR&S Website was re-launched in design and content.

Team expansion
in 2008

Since May 2008, Antje Schaffranietz has been supporting the team in both qualitative research as well as in acquiring new clients and partners.

Relocation to
Oberursel in 2007

Since February 2007, MR&S has been located in the Old Town in Oberursel, a small town northwest of Frankfurt.

Change in
in 2006

Petra Kemmerzell and Dirk Butterweck took over the company from the Aragonés family in 2006. Since then Dirk Butterweck has been the managing director and responsible for administrative tasks and quantitative research designs whereas Petra Kemmerzell has continuously been developing the qualitative-research field of MR&S.

Full Service Institute
since 2003

With the entry of Petra Kemmerzell, MR&S started to expand the full-service field and to consistently develop company own creative market-research tools.
In October 2003, Dirk Butterweck joined the team to manage the quantitative-research part.


MR&S belonged to one of the first companies that offered studio services including a video-conference setting for international research in a small but unique facility in downtown Frankfurt.

Founded in 1995

In 1995, MR&S was founded by Dr. Michaela Aragonés and Thomas Aragonés who died much too early at the age of only 40 years in June 2006.


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