MR&S News

29 June 17

Important action for data security:

Our data is our capital. These data are a crucial part of our business relationships with our customers every day.

Even a short interruption can have fatal effects, irreparable loss of data, damage the image, jeopardize customer relationships, and compromise compliance with laws and guidelines.

As a result, MR&S has now installed a backup system in cooperation with a renowned data center in Germany.

7 June 17

Offsite Team Meeting on July 20

The MR&S team retires from normal business on July 20 for one day in Bad Homburg to discuss ours and your current challenges and to turn them into concrete solutions.

So many reports and research results end up in drawers – we would like to show you a way and accompany you how research results can be better integrated into everyday life, that is, really be lived! More about this in a few weeks …

1 June 17

Antje is back from maternity leave...

… and supports Petra and Saskia again with organizing, conducting and analyzing qual research studies.

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