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Media and communication agencies

We understand the challenges of the work of a creative agency – creativity just doesn’t happen at the flick of a switch! Our expertise includes advising agencies, because we are fighting for your ideas.  As an independent entity, and with results based on sound market research, we are able to convey ideas between the agency and the end customer.

Research spectrum i.e.

Our agency clients

i.e. argonauten G2 | BBDO | GSW Europe | GSW Worldwide | HUNDERT89 East | Huth + Wenzel  | Ogilvy & Mather | Publicis Dialog | SIGNIS DR. HOFFMANN | Sommer & Sommer |

International working market research institutes

In the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, we work closely with partner institutes that charge us with the European research in their global projects. Our openness & directness  regarding the feasibility of the study, as well as our target group skills are especially appreciated when preparing the study design. The (often long-term) business relationships have  led to countless successful projects for our end clients and  also to wonderful friendships.

Our market research clients

i.e. Aisling | Blue Sky | CarbonSix | FreshSqueezedIdeas | in-sync | Kate Holloway | Ladd Research Group | SEE Insight | The Link Group | Vivisum Partners