Moderation & Organizing

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In addition to Full Service Projects, MR&S offers services for international projects on behalf of national and international clients and market research agencies.

Most of all, our clients from USA, Canada and Europe benefit from our professional moderation of in-depth interviews and group discussion sessions of all kinds and from our fluency in both English and German. Besides that our dedicated commitment to reach the study goals facilitates working in the team together with the final customer.

Our services for conducting international projects in Germany also include competent consultancy on target-group and cultural as well as structural differences of the local market as opposed to other countries as well as the complete organization of the research:

Of course, written reports will be provided if needed: Moderator Key Findings, Toplines or full Management Reports.

And after a hard day’s work at the facility, we’d like to take you places outside dark back rooms at the facility, hotels, railway stations and airports and reveal which gift from Germany would surely impress your loved ones at home!