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The Business Objective

Our client wanted to test their communication materials for a new anti-cancer medication prior to launch. They wanted input from  future therapy decision makers to help improve ads and core messages.

Reliable & Dedicated

Antje Schaffranietz: „Of course it’s a challenge to elicit any emotional reactions to core messages for Product X out of oncology surgeons or medical directors.  But with each project, and often each respondent type, we  individually select and create projection techniques to draw out the opinions of the less compassionate respondents. It takes a little charm and a lot of perseverance!
Petra Kemmerzell: „Exactly! And when your client – like the last project in Munich – tells you how impressed they are  that MR&S  moderators…even in interview number 16…still give each respondent the feeling of being the most important person on earth, and the client is still enjoying the interviews, well, that’s VERY encouraging!


What if there’s no appropriate material for the role-playing game that would be perfect for this exact study? Well, we get creative and design our own. Like our  “Dolls” for example – they have shown to be really great tools for exploring the therapy algorithm within a changing competitive landscape. We will always have the right technique for your project in our bag!