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The Business Objective

For the launch of their new insulin brand the manufacturer wanted to develop a „Starter-Kit“ providing easy to use instructions for injections and the devices application in daily life, even if it was a patient to new to insulin.

Reliable & Dedicated

Petra Kemmerzell: „It was fascinating to see how the diabetic patients we invited to the facility engaged with the first drafts and truly improved them with their own ideas! It was so important to give the respondents time to evaluate potential materials and to talk about their feelings and associations related to colors and forms.  And, of course, also about practical things like washable surfaces and waterproof zippers , no one would ever have thought of before.


The assigned product designer who had been invited to the interviews by our client immediately sketched the respondent’s ideas and handed them back to the audience. Step by step a not only practical but also very beautiful Starter-Kit emerged, that some respondents would have been very happy to take home right away!