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The Business Objective

Our client wanted to learn about new markets in Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America for their well established German market in order to streamline marketing efforts. What could other countries learn from the product journey in Germany and what new impulse do emerging markets bring for future brand management in Germany?

Reliable & Dedicated

Petra Kemmerzell: “In Phase 1 we conducted IDIs with physicians and pharmacists in Germany. In Phase 2 we did in-person research with the same targets in South and Eastern Europe and analyzed the different market situations against the backdrop of the particular health care system – governmental or commercial insurance health care plans. After completing the analysis we focused on the “new countries and continents” for our client – Mexico, Brazil, Singapore and Australia – and set up an Online Bulletin Board for interviewing physicians and pharmacists. We’ve been impressed and surprised with how much the “emerging markets” had in common with the mature markets of the ‘old world’. Combining in-person interviews with the online bulletin board was very efficient and in many ways, the contributions to the online bulletin board were more explicit and extensive, because the respondents were able to do it on their own schedule.


Cultural similarities and differences are always inspiring. At MR&S we make sure your stimulus is translated  by professionals who understand the specific and regional language. We must understand  the social context out of which the target person reacts to any text and visual. So we never get bored in explaining to our American clients why words like ‚control’, ‚battle’,, ‚fight’, ‚power’ and ‚patient journey’ do not always translate literally into German. But we always find an appropriate and/or creative solution, because we understand your idea behind it!