we listen

The Business Objective

Our client wanted to understand what triggers patients who are not satisfied with their current RA-medication to ask their physicians to switch them from DMARD to a biologic. The client also wanted to know how successful they were with this request.

Reliable & Dedicated

Antje Schaffranietz: „We asked all of the recruited respondents to conduct online diaries and encouraged them to engage with each other through online discussions that we deliberately did not moderate –  we were just listening. Their resignation and acceptance of their “fate” was very unnerving. These people suffered from so much pain and increasing motor impairment, yet  they did not approach their physicians to ask for a change in their medication. And most of them did not even actively look for information about potential alternatives! This taught me, that for many therapeutic areas in Germany, there’s still a long way to go in terms of patient empowerment. As a consequence, our client is now working on an educational campaign for biologics to help people make an informed decision.


Listening of course doesn’t just work online. Offline we recommend you book our Forest Walk for active listening when your research topic is especially sensitive. Why does this work? We know that for most people, an outdoor walk in nature is very conducive to having a difficult conversation – because being outdoors and on the move inspires your brains and your soul to open up and start talking.