we observe

The Business Objective

Our client from the pharmaceutical industry attempts to address potential clients by expanding their communications beyond specialists…..and now include GPs and PCPs. The objective of the research was to understand the environment and the needs of a general practice in order to prepare their sales reps for the new communication line.

Reliable & Dedicated

Petra Kemmerzell: „The ethnographic practice observation in both major cities and rural areas was the core element of our multi-stage study design. I spent a full day next to the reception desk of each practice and received valuable insights into the activities and organizational structure of an average German GP office. Would you have guessed that one physician signs his name about 500 times a day and places at least 5-10 patient phone calls? This is on top of the average 60 patients he sees in person! Me neither. During breaks and after hours, we personally interviewed the physicians and  staff to add depth to our observations.


This study was so successful that it became the foundation of the clients new communication materials to physicians. The results were immediate and actionable and resulted in MR&S being awarded a coveted valuable supplier award and has inspired and motivated us for our next projects