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The Business Objective

Interventional Cardiologists are very special people. But how can we do a typology on them without falling for the clichés?  How can we really understand who they are and what they do and use this for an individually tailored communication approach?

Reliable & Dedicated

Petra Kemmerzell: „We asked our IC respondents to build a rock band and tell us about their own role within that band – would they rather see themselves playing the lead guitar, being front man as a singer or would they belong to the rhythm group? What instruments do the other team members play within that band? That projection helped us gain valuable and  honest personality traits for this specialty group. We then  validated these traits in the next step of the process by talking to their superiors, colleagues and Cath Lab medical assistant staff using the same analogy. This gave us a control group to avoid single-sided and possibly socially desired self-descriptions of our primary target group.


Whether you are using rock bands, classical orchestras, painters, or actors for role models, all performing arts provide a wonderful projection screen for inspiring professionals with highly ethical and scientific standards to talk about their feelings and show emotions.